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Such neat, Many interesting Wow

Love it or hate it, doge has become an internet staple. Here, a linguist breaks down the grammar and fits doge into the greater context of various internet-speaks, such as LOLcat and 1337.

By: WayGroovy | Feb 9th, 2014 (5:43 PM) | Thanks: have patience

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We're not on the map, and

I can't find Fazed :(

By: WayGroovy | Jan 31st, 2014 (11:18 AM) | Thanks: Ran some

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Google Show of Immense Power

A reminder that the vernal equinox is coming.

By: Admins | Jan 24th, 2014 (2:57 PM) | Thanks: Heferito

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Touristic Webcams Worldwide

Discover 29,525 webcams showing up-to-date images from landscapes all over the world. Travel around the globe and gain easily insight into worlds places by watching these webcams.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 9th, 2014 (5:44 PM) | Thanks: JaiDubs

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