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After riding a Coaster
29 April 2017

When I took this, I was holding back from sobbing with happiness.

On a band trip with the middle school. I weighed 400 lbs two years ago when I took my oldest on his high school band trip, and couldn't ride anything.

Amusement parks are in my blood. My parents met working a small park, I met my wife of 17 years working at the same park.
But years of uncontrolled overeating led to me not riding anything in many years.

As of this picture, I'm down to 315lbs. Two years of CICO, two months of Keto, and a load of walking, and I can finally do it again.

www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/WayGroovy (I haven't been as good about this lately)

Thank you, boiled eggs, string cheese, and bunless burgers! Thank you MrsGroovy who started this before I did and made me finally want to do it. And my online friends that have been supportive over the years.